Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26. Day 208. I'm on fire

There was the drag act called Miss Poodle. Blokes walked in heels so high they gave me vertigo just looking at them. Trapeze artists, dancers, singers. Everywhere you looked were amazing performers. But in the end I had eyes for only one man. If I was superman he was my Kryptonite. It wasn't the patent leather, bum cheek exposing unitard, it wasn't the full body ink art. It wasn't the glitter hair. No, when push comes to shove my weakness is fire. I'm hypnotized by it. And Matthew Bonasia AKA Kryptonite is a man who knows what to do with a fire stick. The Boy&Girl Cabaret at the Tivoli tonight was a gender bending good time. Sexy and smooth, this was an all adult party for pyromaniacs - and those who like hot stuff of a different type.

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