Sunday, July 29, 2018

July 29. Day 211. With Open Arms

I intend to file a lawsuit against the makers of fortune cookies. Today was QUT Open Day 2018. It's my annual opportunity to wear my employer's name close to my heart and sell the virtues of QUT Journalism. It is also my annual chance to see what freebies the other faculties and how they compare to those on offer by Creative Industries. I have been doing this for a large number of years and I note this - the number and quality of freebies is declining. In addition, our faculty seems to think our program doesn't need gimmicks to attract attention. Well, that's my way of justifying why we don't have many good freebies. Today I spent a bit of time roaming around the tents with my soon-to-be school leaver niece Cleo. We found the Business School most interesting. This may or may not have been to do with the M&Ms and Fortune Cookies. My fortune cookie said something like "He who climbs a ladder must begin at the first step". This may be good advice but that was not the fortune I needed to be told today. What I needed to be told was something like "Look left and right before crossing the road".
Just after opening and reading my cookie, I headed home. I was chatting to my nieces. I saw the parked car with my husband, son and dogs. I stepped off the footpath and would have been squashed under a car had strangers not yelled and pulled me back. I scared the life out of myself, the Uber driver and the onlookers. One moment of inattention from someone apparently smart enough to know better. The fortune cookie didn't predict that. Let's just say the future is looking far brighter than it might have been.

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