Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 19. Day 20. You're Beautiful

It doesn't happen often so here goes. 1) a Broadway musical I haven't seen. No, I haven't seen Hamilton but I intend to correct that. However, what also doesn't happen often is that a photograph of me appears on the blog. Indeed that a photograph of me appears at all. But I brushed my hair and everything before going out tonight and didn't entirely feel as though I looked like a creature from the black lagoon.
And anyway a red carpet is a red carpet and a girl should not turn her back on the opportunity to walk down one, right?
For the record, I'm pretty happy to be associated with Carol King's music. To be honest, like the rest of the world I know songs from albums such as Tapestry. What I didn't know was the wonderful things she had written for others. What a woman. What a talent.
Beautiful, I say.

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