Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July 17. Day 198. Sweet as

 When it comes to choosing between sweet and savoury I make the only sensible decision - both. By both I don't mean the more modern trend such as salted caramel where sweet and savoury are in the same dish. I don't even mean bacon and maple syrup together. These are both fine options of which I thoroughly approve. It's just that if the world is divided between those who like sweet things and those who prefer it when things are a little spicy, I'm a firm fence sitter. I like both. Do you want entree or dessert? Yes. Why choose one. But having said that even I have limits. I think these were set in infancy. My Dad was a dentist and we didn't eat sweet things. There is NO WAY we'd have been allowed fairy floss EVER. Even now I happily walked by the free fairy floss being handed out at O Week. I know had I taken some I would have been shaken with the unmistakable conviction that my teeth were decaying in my mouth right then and there. I walked away into the gardens and watched baby ibis fight for lunch for a bit. That was just the right level of sweet.

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