Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July 24. Day 206. The graduates

Things I hate about my job.
1. Marking
2. Meetings
3. Moderation.
In the interest of good taste and future employment I shall stick to the M words. It is easy to forget the good bits. However, this week marks the beginning of my 21st year working at QUT. I would not have survived this long if it wasn't for one thing - students. Twice a year I get to stop and reflect on that. Graduations are special. They are big milestone days. We live in a world that rewards success on the football field, the catwalk and the red carpet. But on graduation days we stop to reward academic excellence. I applaud that with both my hands and my heart and soul. I didn't actually get to attend today's graduation ceremony because I was teaching but I rushed down to QPAC to try and catch up with a graduate or two as they left the building. to those I didn't see goodbye and good luck. We shall all watch your careers with interest. Don't be strangers.

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