Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 28. Day 210. Candid camera


There is something really captivating about a wedding. Really, it's the traditions and rituals that I find so interesting. Sure there's something to be said about the excuse to eat, drink and be merry. There's something about the most public of displays of affection. It's a great excuse to bring family and friends together. It's the bad speeches and often bad behaviour. But that's for the inner circle, the people actually invited to the wedding. I am drawn even when I see the weddings of strangers. I always check the dresses, the flowers, the suits. I watch the body language. I check out the cars and the photographers. I look at the hair. I perv on the jewellery and the shows and the accessories.  I can't help myself and if I have my camera handy, I'll take some photos. The truth is I rather prefer the candid shots of trying to walk in overly elaborate dresses and crazy high shoes. I enjoy watching how the group is organised and how it organises itself. Who stands where and how they talk to each other, it's all part of the ritual. It's the happiest day of someone's life and just watching that gives me joy. Today that happiness was at The Powerhouse at New Farm. I know that alcove well. We've had family photos taken right there. I know the professional photos will look awesome. I'm very happy with my not so poised shots. That's my ritual.

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