Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3. Day 184. Festival fever

For three weeks in September the people of Brisbane will be painting the town pink. We do it every year during the Brisbane Festival and today we got our first insight into just what shade of pink we can expect. It will be bright. There will be a dazzling array local and international acts from a seance in a shipping container to a Yummy drag cabaret. It's all too much for one act so this year we get three. I can barely contain my excitement and that's just from flicking through the program and checking out a very brief sampling plate at the Queen Street Mall launch. And after speaking to festival artistic director David Berthold (listen here) I know one thing is for sure. I should start sleep banking now because there will be precious little sleep to be had from September 8-29. Don't believe me ... check out the program for yourself.

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