Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1. Day 305. Zombie walk

 Zombies are everywhere at the moment by which I mean not just in my Monday morning lectures although there is a special brand of walking dead in that environment. No, zombies, once rarely seen outside horror movies and the chamber of Federal Parliament, are very much in vogue. Today especially is the day of the zombie as the undead gather for the annual zombie walk.  I must say they looked awesome. The costume shops and online retailers must have been doing a roaring trade in latex, coloured contact lenses, face paint and fake blood in recent days. But let me tell you zombies, there is a cheaper but considerably less enjoyable way of looking like the living dead with no make-up at all (actually having no make-up helps the look). The same haunted half dead look can be achieved through sleepless nights and assessment induced panic. It also has the advantage that it won't wash off in water (trust me, I've tried). But in all seriousness zombies, well done you. A fundraiser for brain research is well worth turning undead for. And you looked bloody awesome. Literally

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