Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3. Day 307. Ladies who lunch

I learned a lot today. I learned about vertical curl and seawave girl and spray tan that sets in two hours and isn't orange because it has no alcohol. I heard about a vegan beautician who uses only eyelash extensions not tested on animals. In addition, there was something about the direction of follicles on all natural hair extensions that prevent tangling. These are the things a lady who lunches needs to know. For the first time in almost living memory I didn't have a staff meeting on the first Tuesday in November. This meant that I was free to be the type of lady who lunches on Melbourne Cup Day. So I recruited a few of my besties and attended the annual ladies lunch at my son's school (this seemed like a relatively low risk strategy as it is only three weeks until he graduates). Through the fashion parade and beauty display I learned about the hair techniques and through my keen eye I learned just how good some ladies can look in high end headwear.  I think looking fascinating in a fascinator is a skill that comes more naturally to some than others (in other words I have no idea). And I won $8 on a cup sweep. Winning day all round

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