Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12. Day 316. Cruel to be kind

Bring a parent is a tough, tough gig. Being a puppy parent also has its shares of ups and downs. While poos, wees and chewed things inflict pain on the puppy parent, the real hurt comes when your little fur bundle is suffering. Telling yourself the pain is a necessary evil, that you have to be cruel to be kind, that she is in expert and caring hands does little because that's the rational response to a most emotional and therefore irrational reaction. So it was when Drama Teen had to take his little Winkle to the vet today for a check over, worming and injections. Both were very brave and I was immensely proud. There was a vomit in the car on the way home but the irony was it was from neither puppy nor puppy parent. The more senior dog was the one with the travel tummy. It may have only been slight, but I think the knowledge that he could say "your dog, your mess" brought Drama Teen a small comfort - that and the fact that mum is paying the vet bills for both dogs.

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