Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30. Day 334. The LONG way round

In my defense, I was operating on Queensland time. Breakfast on the table at 6.30am SHARP, we were told. No problem I thought right up until the knock on my door warning me that the plates were on the table. Shit. Fortunately I had applied my age old trick of going to bed dressed in shorts and a T shirt so I only had to stagger to the table. At least it meant I was able to conserve every last second of sleep which is what a girl needs after agreeing to the "endurance" option adding 8 kilometers to an already challenging 12.5 kilometres of hills on the Great Ocean Walk. The guides had done their level best to talk us out of it, telling us all the horror stories but we were not to be deterred. Milanesia Gate to Moonlight Head it was. It nearly killed me but it was oh so rewarding. Only when we finished did we find that only about 20 per cent of walkers actually take the extended option and what's more we are the only group to all sign up. Well that sucks. But we saw echidnas and kangaroos and awesome views. I should have known that a walk that includes a landmark called heartbreak hill is going to be a killer. It lives up to its name.
For the record, the day's statistics equalled 32,472 steps and covered 22.11 kilometres which my legs will tell you were all up hill. Temperature 28 degrees AKA stinking hot for walking. Number of flies swallowed 2.

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