Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 21. Day 325. The heat is on

Instead of a definition involving words, the dictionary should have a picture of my 88-year-old neighbour Margaret next to the word stubborn. They could use the same image for frustrating. It was bloody hot today. Too bloody hot and as is the case in weather conditions such as these we are advised to check on elderly neighbours and relatives. And so I did. Her house was a furnace as would be expected with no air conditioning, no fans, no insulation and no cross ventilation. Things are not helped by the fact that at 4pm all windows are closed to keep the bugs/intruders out. That just manages to trap the heat in. Not for the first time, I volunteered to buy her a fan or fans. Not for the first time she refused point blank. She was more than happy with the breezes, she said. This would be okay if
1) there was any breeze
2) the breeze was cooling and not akin to a fan-forced oven
3) she didn't close all the windows long before the afternoon sea breeze really kicks in
I will buy fans anyway. She will probably refuse to either plug them in or turn them on. They will most likely be returned like the microwave and the panic alarm bracelet before them.
I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Sighs. I may be a good neighbour but unfortunately not a miracle worker.

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