Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28. Day 332. City Slicker

The history book shows that the reason  Australia's capital is in Canberra is because the founding fathers could not convince the Sydney and Melbourne factions to agree on where to locate.  in the end the only way to proceed was a compromise position locating the capital between the two.  Perhaps it was a decision that resulted in the best of both worlds. Perhaps it was a compromise that but expediency over possibility. In any event, as a person who lives in none of the cities had my vote counted I would have gone with the harbour city. Indeed I have never understood the Melbourne thing. I have tired of Melbournites moving to Queensland and then doing nothing but whinge about our weather. The assertions about how "nice" Melbourne weather is was certainly not borne out by anything I had experienced on visits. Always cold. Always grey. Always packed with people whose black clothes seemed to match their mood. And then I visited Melbourne in the lead-up to Christmas one year. The streets were alive. The weather was stunning and the twilight long. Finally I got it (not enough to relocate you understand but enough to get what they were one about). So I was happy to return to Melbourne again in the Christmas season. Sure I was only in the city for a night before a walking holiday but a lovely reminder of what the souther capital has to offer.

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