Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2. Day 306. Colour consultant

When I grow up, which I have no plans on doing any time soon, I think a new career as a person who names colours could be in order. I mean someone must find work labelling all those squares on  a colour chart or the pencils in the giant boxes. My interest comes from The Colour Purple. I am not discussing the movie which I can't recall ever seeing but the colour of the blooms which are decorating the Brisbane skyline at the moment. The jacarandas are now making up for a late start and are blooming brilliant. As it happens, the flowers are pretty much the same colour as the school uniform shirt my son wore for five years. According to the Dulux colour chart that puts the uniform somewhere between Virtuous and Champion. Either way it is certainly on the purple spectrum. Yet the shirt is described as being jacaranda blue. That's right BLUE. Give me a break. Blue is the colour of the sky or the sea or sapphires. (According to the colour chart the blue range also includes Dance Studio and Hindsight and Overtake). Which is why I need to start naming colours so there is no ambiguity. The grey range would include Staff Meeting, there would be a green brown named Baby Shit, a horrible yellow called Puss and a black called Teenager. And jacaranda would feature prominently in the purples. I owe it to all the boys in the future who wear that shirt.

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