Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 26. Day 330. And not before time


Under the better late than never theory, the walking boots were on and at 6am I was at the base of Mount Cooth-tha ready to walk. Nothing like a hiking holiday in four days to bring with it a sense of great urgency. I could say that the level of preparedness has grown with each day but not without crossing my fingers behind my back and telling a big fat fib. To make matters worse I now have blisters on my feet not from the hiking boots but from a dumb-arse decision to take a long walk yesterday in New dress sandals. Still the weather Gods were at least a little kind. It was a little cooler and less humid today so while the blisters may have been wet, at least the body wasn’t dripping with sweat. That at least is something to be grateful for.

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