Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 7. Day 311. Hey you. Get outta my pool

Of all the creatures who ever walked God's earth, Rumple has one of the sweetest natures. He is so loving, so loyal and his devotion is something special. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The mother of every teenager needs a dog and this little bloke fits the bill. But even such a sweetie has his limits and there are a couple of creatures who seem to see their mission in life as testing that (for some reason my mind again goes to teenager but I digress). Anyway, the cat next door occasionally finds it terribly amusing to curl up and have a nap on one of Rumple's favourite chairs on the back deck. It then hisses at Rumple if he protests. There are a couple of chickens who like to sit just the other side of the fence pailings knowing Rumple can see but not reach and then there's the water dragon. The water dragon enjoys sunning itself on the pool deck and occasionally taking a dip. This drives Rumple nuts. He runs from one end of the pool to the other loudly barking his protest. But the water dragon is no fool. It has worked out that there is a narrow tiled section on one pool boundary out of canine way. Like a child in a lolly store or Susan in a commercial art gallery, the policy is you can look but can't touch. Life's so unfair (that, too, for some reason reminds me of teenager

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