Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 11. Day 315. Remembrance Day

There are certain things, certain Australian things, I think every Aussie should do. I've been in Sydney to see the fireworks on New Year's Eve, dived on th Great Barrier Reef and sat in the stands when the first ball in bowled in an Ashes Test. But the bucket list is far from complete. Before I die (which hopefully isn't going to happen any time soon) I need to attend at least one Melbourne Cup, be at the MCG for a one day cricket final and see the sunrise or set over Uluru. Today, I came oh so close to another Aussie must do but fell short at the end. I was in Canberra on Remembrance Day. I drove past the War Memorial but was I there at 11am? No I was not. Today a meeting of journalism educators lured me to Canberra and it wasn't until I was there that the signficance of the date struck. The agenda was busy and the distance prohibitive so I was in a meeting not in a field of poppies at 11am. All I saw on Canberra was what you can spy from the window of  a can between the airport and Canberra University and back again and the inside of a seminar room.  My total photographic output for the day would be an image from the plane window if it wasn't for the cockatoo that decided to keep my company while I waited for a cab to take me home. As pretty as the bird is it really pales in comparison to the main game in town today. There was even royalty. Oh well next time. I just hope "next time" isn't quite as long as last time. I'm pretty sure the last time I was in the nation's capital was for a school trip in Year 9. That's unAustralian. I shall go eat some Vegemite to clear my conscience.

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