Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13. Day 317. Patience is a virtue

If I was to say that Rumple was put out by the appearance in the house of a new pup it would be an understatement. But there is no way I could overstate just how patient he has been with the pint-sized invader in the days since. She has taken to trying to chew his ear off not in the metaphoric sense of talking at him until his ear is worn off from overuse but in the literal sense. He puts up with it. She tries to suckle on him. He puts up with it. She chases him and jumps on him and steals food from his bowl and he just lets her. Rumple could get away. Winkle can not jump on the furniture or escape through the doggy door and a couple of times today he has taken refuge on the bed but most of the time he just puts up with her and her crazy version of puppy love. If he was going to snap today would have been the day. She didn't let up all day. She threw everything at him she even managed to commit the ultimate indignation. He had snuck into the bathroom while I showered and walked off with a pair of dirty knickers which in Rumple terms is about as good a prize as it gets. She took them from him. Even then, with such extreme provocation, he didn't snap. The fact that he didn't tells me they will be the very best of buddies. I hope so. He's done everything he can to make the relationship work.

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