Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6. Day 310. Coming up for air

It would be quite wrong to suggest that finally I have got to a position where I can breathe. I do, however, feel that at least one nostril is above the water line. Today my darling son finished his formal high school education. All that lies between him and the piece of paper that unlocks the next educational door is one exam, two oral presentations and a graduation ceremony (I say all because if I say that and type really quickly I can pretend it's no big thing. As far as I can tell, nothing about Year 12 is no big thing). Now a large drink or cake might be an appropriate way to mark the occasion but sleep deprivation and diet rule out either as a satisfactory method so I took the fur friend for a walk to meet the turtles. They, too, were largely submerged but able to catch the odd breath.

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