Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10. Day 314. Time flies

Time flies when you are having fun (by which I mean I have no idea where all the hours in the say evaporate to. It is now less than three weeks until I embark on a walking holiday of the Great Ocean Road. I should be far, far fitter than I am. I should have put in many, many more kilometres but ... well ... #life. It's not that I don't walk. Most days, like today, I walk at least to the University of Queensland or South Bank. Most days I consider this weight training because the fur friend rather prefers to be carried than actually put one paw in front of the other. I could argue that I am letting him get away with it because he is suffering from puppy panic and the sookiness is related to the arrival of Winkle on the weekend. That would be a fine excuse except we've had Winkle for three days and Rumple's walk reluctance dates back three years. Fact is I rather like having some up close and personal time with Rumple and I am sure the ducks prefer having the canine carried where he is guaranteed not to launch an attack. At least I know the Great Ocean Road walk will be puppy free.

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