Monday, November 30, 2015

November 29. Day 333. The Great Escape

Ready boots. Start walking. Day one of the long awaited Great Ocean Road Walk. This is always an exciting time when you get to meet your hiking buddies and the guides because they, as much as or perhaps more than the terrain and scenery, is what makes an expedition such as this work and sets the tone. At least with my walking buddy Alison in tow I know I will have someone I get on with even if all the others turn out to be $%^^)*^. About two minutes after reaching the mini bus that was to ferry us over the next four days we realized we were in luck. Only four walkers. All women. The tour that finished today had 10. The one that starts as we leave has 12. This means a lot of personalized attention. Private rooms  instead of twin share and a foot spa for every walker at day’s end. Add gourmet meals, fine wine and scenery to die for, yep this will be okay. Only negative is the flies LOTS of flies. Note to self. Aerogard tomorrow.
Day's vital statistics: Castle Cove to Johanna Beach. 10.5 kilomtres. 20,000 steps. Temperature maximum 20 degress


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