Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9. Day 313. Ghost rider

It is so often portrayed as a war with cyclists and  motorists on opposing teams. Frankly anyone who thinks this is either an idiot or employed by a commercial current affairs program deliberately trying to inflame tensions. Sure there are instances of extreme bad behaviour in both camps but most road users just want EVERYONE to get safely to their destination with as little fuss and in as little time as possible. Seeing the white painted Ghost Bikes around town at sites where cyclists have been killed is a reminder of just how high the stakes are. So I both understand and fully endorse council attempts to put in place initiatives to make the roads safer for cyclists. But making the road more dangerous for motorists is hardly the answer and that's what has happened at the end of our street. It also drives me nuts that when residents point out design issues the reaction seems to be that you must be a car loving/cycle hating environmental vandal. That sort of thinking will create a war. I just hope there is a rethink before a white painted ghost car turns up at the intersection.

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