Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23. Day 327. The early bird

Clearly I was never girl guide. Such creatures have the whole "be prepared" thing drilled into them. A girl guide would not wait until less than a week before starting a hiking holiday to start serious training. The goodie two shoes, girl guide would have been like the early bird and been up at the crack of dawn and training. But I wasn't. I was sleeping in. I left it until the last minute. And then I was forced to get serious. Yesterday I was at the base of Mount Cooth-tha at 6am ready to climb. Not bad. But it was already hot so today was earlier so early that the fur friend and faithful walking companion looked at me and went back to bed. The early hour and lack of canine companion had one very clear advantage - the cockatoos were still about and not afraid. They were happily posing for the camera or at least prepared to ignore my presence and continue with searching for breakfast. After all, every well prepared bird knows you have to be early to get the worm.

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