Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8. Day 312. Puppy love

My sister's reaction to me when I arrived home from hospital as a newborn was complete disdain mixed with disinterest. Five years later when my newborn brother came home my younger sister greeted  the new baby of the family with outright hostility. It was war from the outset. Thus I had real concerns about Rumple's reaction to the pup who joined our household yesterday.  It was not disinterest or disdain or hostility - it was fear. He jumped into the dishwasher and came out only when the small thing was removed. I employed a tactic taught to me by a friend who had children less than two years apart. I was instructed that when visiting in hospital I was to talk to the big brother first and appear to pretty ambivalent to the new arrival.  Presents for both children. No-one wants to think they have been superseded by a new model. So I have showered Rumple with love and left the business of puppy love to Oliver. I must say my heart melted when at 3am I went to investigate a noise and found my son, cradling the puppy he'd just brought in from doing a wee in the garden. At least my big boy can take himself outside. Rumple has nothing to fear. Little Winkle, as cute as a button as she is, belongs to Drama Teen. I am just the one paying the bills. Rumple is a mummy's boy and always will be. They are both Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Shih Tsu crosses and already I see flashes of little Rumple in the puppy. Their colouring may be different (Rumple's mum was tricolour cavalier. Winkle's mum was a tan and white member of the breed) but they seem to be blessed with the same loving nature. I suspect they will get on like a house on fire and I rather think it will be the little lady who wears the pants in the relationship. That's okay. That's how we rock in this house.

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