Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5. Day 309. All a twitter

Social media cops a lot of sh*t and it is true that some of it is justified. But I have to tell you not all of it. I love Twitter and Facebook for making connections, keeping in touch and as a forum to get something of your chest or amuse the world with your incredible insights (inserts sarcastic font). I have also found that virtual friends have an ability to become friends IRL (that social speak for in real life). So it was today that I found myself at a lunch where my Twitter friend Mel was the MC. As it happens the topic of the lunch was social media so what an awesome synergy there is there. Mel is one of the wonderful women who has crossed over from the screen of the phone or the laptop to across the table over a coffee or a breakfast. Those who think social media is making us less social are dead wrong. Anyway, after the lunch and still considering the thoughts of the panel on using social media to connect and communicate I hit the Botanic Gardens where there was a lot of twitter speak of a different type. They were probably trying to organise a virtual hookup.

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