Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 31. Day 304. Stage fright

Can I let you in on a little secret? I used to suffer  from paralysing stage fright by which I mean the abject of either having to make - or worse pay for - all the costumes required by an aspiring musical theatre buff. I got lucky on two counts - we chose a theatre company that provides the costumes (I love you Fame) and half the time we already own what is required. The thing about my boy is that his theatrical steak doesn't disappear at the stage door.  That Willy Wonka costume all his apart from the hat. Doesn't he look gorgeous? Now I'm his mother so I would think he had talent to match but I must say he owned he part. He owned all the parts required of him in the Senior Musical. Now here's the thing. As I see it, the theatre training is not just about being able to hold an audience when you are in a dramatic performance. The real benefit is having the confidence to get up and "perform" when you are not in costume in whatever role life presents. Funnily enough the louder and more outrageous the costume the more I think you can "hide" beneath it if that's your want. But it's not my boy's want. He loves and audience and well he might. He has a natural charm which genetics can not possibly explain. And he has a love of the stage. Frankly with all those gorgeous girls and not that many straight males around, why wouldn't you? I would still suffer from stage fright if I bothered to add up what 13 years of theatre training had cost me but I know it's a wise investment (especially if he remembers his mum when he makes it big).

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