Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5. Day 278. Jumping for joy

It is hard to think of another occasion when paying a bill of  $1938 gave me anywhere near as much joy. After 12 years, that is the last time I will have to pay school fees (sure the first six years were in a State school but anyone who thinks education is free is delusional). So there was a little jump for joy and then as I walked the dog this afternoon I was struck by a great deal of sadness that the impending end of any era brings. And not only that, while the next chapter will be doubtless exciting at least with this chapter I was pretty sure I knew how the story was going to play out. From here on in it's anyone's guess. And on more practical note it's not as though the Bank of Parental Finance is about to be able to close this line of credit. School fees may now be over but higher education contributions are about to begin. Back to earth with a bit of a thud. Still whatever happens exciting times are ahead and for now that has to be something worth squawking about doesn't it?

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