Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22. Day 295. I bet you've seen a cockatoo

 Even before  comedian Austen Tayshus' 1983 Australiana routine shone a spotlight on it, you'd have to admit there is a certain schoolboy humour in the name cockatoo.
It does sound just a bit naughty, as I have to say does the cockatoo bird cry. When nature was giving out the bird sounds, the cockatoo really didn't get the pick of the bunch.
For such a beautiful looking bird, it's call really is singulalry unattractive. Honestly, it's like the person you've only ever heard on the phone or on radio and then you get a look and the voice in no way matches the appearance.
Still it was that raucous call that alerted me to the fact a small flock of cockatoos were sheltering in a tree above me as the last of the afternoon storms faded out.  And thus I saw a cockatoo. Actually I saw three of them ...

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