Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7. Day 280. Finger lickin good

Salad Days: An expression of when something is in its heyday. Seriously?  It's not there's anything WRONG with salad its just that when compared with other food groups, the salad just can't compete with a carb. Carbs, the food of the gods. Still there really is such a thing as forbidden fruit (or in this case vegetables). I'm in the middle of a three-day protein blitz and let me tell you never has greenery looked quite as appetising. Nothing is more likely to make a person look enviously at the green stuff the chicks at South Bank are eating than being restricted to only protein. It's s weird old diet that says bacon and eggs are okay but a carrot isn't but still it seems to be working and you can't argue with that can you?

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