Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10. Day 283. Jump. Go ahead and jump

When I was eight my parents took the very brave decision to relocate the family to England for two years. Probably even now I don't fully comprehend the magnitude of that decision and logistical effort. Back then long haul travel was prohibitively expensive, slow and pretty much unheard of. These days half the eight year olds in any class have probably holidayed over seas. We tend to think of kids today as living in Virtual reality existence but when you think about it their reality is pretty exciting too*. It is the big things but also the myriad of little opportunities and experiences that didn't exist. So at the shops this morning on a fairly typical Saturday. Kids were trying the bungy trampoline, inflatable maze, jumping castle, rock climbing wall and even face painting. Not one of these things was available when I was a little person,  a fact that makes kids roll their eyes in disbelief in much the same way as if you mention the VCR or even more primitive black and white TV. Sure we don't have hover boards which Back to the Future promised would be a 2015 reality but still what we do have is pretty exciting.  So jump to it kids.

* (I am VERY aware that this is a very First World perspective but it is the reality of the children whose paths I cross. For many of the world's children the existance is tragically not that).

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