Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9. Day 282. Walking on water

At the risk of sounding like I have a messiah complex (which I can assure you I do not) I felt a bit like I could walk on water at times today. Mind you if you had to choose one biblically-inspired superpower that turning water into wine business would be rather handy on a Friday night. But I digress. The walking on water feeling was a new lightness of load brought about by the fact that yesterday I taught my last class for 2015. Woo hoo. I genuinely love teaching but having a break so I can help navigate the teen during the final weeks of Year 12 is most welcome. Not, of course, that my paid work for the year is by any means over. Not even close. Sinking feeling returns at the thought of my evil nemesis marking. Being able to turn water into wine would be pretty handy when faced with a bundle of papers too. I rather suspect that drunk marking would infringe many a clause in the Manual of Policies and Procedures which govern every aspect of my working day. I expect  it would be career ending but the alcohol truth serum might make my comments a good deal more entertaining. Now if I really did think I could walk on water ....

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  1. Love it like usually. Don't stress to much( or is the to with double o)? I always worry, I don't get the spelling right.! Can Sir R walk on water yet?? Monique xxxx