Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12. Day 285. Crazy dog lady

Any day now the Wikipedia definition of Crazy Dog Lady will be updated to contain just two words: Susan Hetherington. The entry will contain an image of the poor deluded woman trying to walk two dogs this afternoon. How hard can that be? It goes like this. Small and furry fur friend decides he doesn't want to walk and would much prefer to be carried, somewhat redefining the meaning of the word walk. Larger and more-hairy-than-furry fur friend also has his own definition of walking. He thinks it involves lots of pulling and sniffing. So the picture would be the crazy dog lady with one dog one her shoulder being pulled over by the second dog in a traffic-stopping performance that greatly amused commuters travelling home along Gladstone Road. The question "who is walking who?" would spring to mind if it wasn't abundantly clear that it certainly wasn't the human in charge.

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