Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20. Day 293. The Odd Couple

Which couple, exactly, isn't odd when you think about it? Sure Felix and Oscar of the famous Neil Simon play are a particularly strange pairing but sometimes that what makes relationships (of both the romantic and platonic type) work. There is no explaining chemistry (you can tell I didn't do all that well at high school chemistry if I have reached that conclusion). Still sometimes people you think should get along don't and others who on the surface would seem like tight shoes on a blister manage not to rub each other the wrong way at all. It either works or it doesn't. It's that simple and that complicated. Stage relationships are pretty much the same. Actors are paid to act but the chemistry between some pairs in unmistakable. This is why I have high hopes for Queensland Theatre Company's version of the play. I've seen Jason Klarwein and Tama Matheson in stage before in Design for Living and they work together. Nothing I saw in the media preview today gave me any reason to doubt it will be the same here. Plus it's an awesome set and I'm a sucker for a good set. If you need any other reason to go, throw into the mix that this will be Wesley Enoch's last production with QTC before he heads off to Sydney Theatre Company. Let's just say on this production the chemistry is right.

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