Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 3. Day 276. Fairy bread

Some times being a grown up sucks. When you are a grown up you have to do grown up things and make grown up decisions. You have to be the responsible one who knows that even though it might not be pleasant it has to be done. Case in point. Rumple does not like baths but Rumple smells like a dead fish after a week on the beach. Canine likes that smell. Canine goes on a sit down strike in the vet carpark then digs his paws in and refuses to walk to the hydrobath. Responsible adult can not give in to this emotional blackmail. Responsible adult has to listen to her conscience and her sense of smell and push through. That's what grown ups do. But where's the rule that says you have to act your age all the time? There is none. The West End markets proved this twice today. There I met Flutter the Fairy whose day job is exactly what her business card says, being a fairy. How cool is that? The other case was my 87-year-old neighbour Margaret. As an octogenarian she should have a wealth of experience that tells you the "right" thing to do. But what did she say when I asked her if she wanted me to pick up any fruit or something at the markets? "Yes, bring me home some cake". Old enough to know better. Wise enough not to care. Besides it could have been fruit cake, right?


  1. Poor Sir R, maybe you should have put him in the shower with you and shampooed him!! He might like it better?! My daughter's big dog, the groodle, likes to go to the 'beauty parlour' to get bathed and clipped. I love the photos of your beach holiday. Why didn't Sir R have his photo taken with the fairy? He sure would have liked it.