Friday, October 30, 2015

October 30. Day 303. A Starr is born

The universe has expanded by one Starr. Well, my universe at least. I am just a tinsy, tiny bit obsessed with the work of Brisbane artist Starr. My walls are adorned with Story Bridge in Aqua, The Chrysler Building and now Celestial Eiffel Tower. I just love the vibrancy and the colour, the energy and the sense of fun of the works. They are bright and bold and cheery. When I woke up this morning the shopping list included avocados, sparkling mineral water and bread. I don't recall it saying a new piece of original art but I'm sure that was just an oversight.
I mean is it my fault the art gallery around the corner from work is the Brisbane home of Starr?
Is it my fault they are holding a Pop Up Starr show this weekend?
Can I be blamed for just calling in because the artitst is in residence?
And when all those Starrs line up it would be quite discourteous not to come away with a small something wouldn't it? I wouldn't want to be considered rude (Starry-eyed, yes. Rude no). Anyway my Starr universe now has Brisbane, New York and Paris covered. Where in the world will I go next? It's written in the Starrs.

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