Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1. Day 274. The eagle has landed

There were occasions today when it felt like we'd reached that point in a beauty pageant where the contestants are asked to either talk about or display there special skill. It started on Walk #1 where a random woman decided to share her knowledge of birds by delivering an impromtu lecture on the life and habits of the Rainbow bee-eater. I now know of nesting habits (holes in dunes), migratory patterns and diets. One day I will thank her. Not today. On Walk #2  the contestants were displaying the following talents a)skydiving b) having a dog that likes to paddle board and surfing. Walk #3 revealed what I consider a most valuable special skill, compassion and kindness to animals. While on the beach, Drama Teen was becoming increasingly concerned about a small while fluffy dog sans owner, wandering around still attached to a lead. We were ready to go but he refused to leave until Scruffy was accounted for (we looked at his tag). So he called both the numbers on the tag until he got an answer and Scruffy was collected (Dad thought the kids had the dog and visa versa). In the end anyone can fall from an aircraft attached to silk and a stranger (I know, I've done it a couple of times) but being caring we could do with more of. Also, the world needs more dogs doing awesome things like paddle boarding to bring smiles to people's faces and present the necessary balance to all those cat videos on the Internet. In life, as in surfing, balance is everything.

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  1. Wow - so you did get a good pick of the Eagle taking off! And lovely seeing all the others that I witnessed being taken! Absolutely love the mass of surfers entering the water. x