Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2. Day 275. Cost benefit analysis

 There's a ledger in my head (which is probably the best place for it because I wouldn't want anyone to be able to check my dodgy figures). In the negative column sand. Everywhere. Sandpaper sheets. Sand in the cracks in the floor boards. Sand in the cracks of the ... well you get the idea. Also negative are a dog that smells like a fish, a dead fish to be exact and most importantly $$$ or more precisely the lack thereof. These negatives, especially the $$$ one, are certainly an impairment to my dream of a beach lifestyle but a girl can dream can't she especially given the positives? These include long walks on the beach with dog, watching the dog playing motorcycle dog (my friend Cathy's term not mine) charging around the beach with other canines and a balance I find in life with the sun, sand, waves and wildlife the beach brings. Yes, the beach is my happy place. Today (insert sad face emoji) was my last day on the beach for this holiday and possibly for this year. The good news is, however, this is the last time EVER my holidays will have to be tied strictly to school terms. This makes the breaks not only more flexible in timing but considerably more cost effective. Bring it on.

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