Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 8. Day 281. Winging it

It is my totally unqualified opinion that the noisy miner has small man syndrome. Now let's be clear I am fully aware that SMS is a hideous stereotype that is doubtless offensive to all those males of short stature. It's as politically incorrect as a blonde joke but I am quite happy to make blonde jokes at my own expense so I shall plough on regardless. I know many, many gentle lovely small men but then there are those who do their level best to keep the stereotype alive and kicking. Aggressive little bullies, always going out of their way to draw attention to themselves, making up for a small number of centimeters by a great big burden of attitude which is surely overcompensation. The noisy miner is that and more. They are on the small side but have an incredible ability to draw attention to themselves. It's not just the noisy bit that earns them both the name and the reputation. If there's a bird fight going on there's most likely going to be a miner in the thick of it. The magpies get all the reputation but the miner has a lot to answer for. I'm pretty sure the one at Roma Street Parklands today's putting on a show just for the camera. There was lots of swooping and preening and splashing in the lake. Yeah, I  get it. You want to be noticed. Well mission accomplished my small friend. You came up with the goods. Small in size you may be but it was one big act and you winged it!

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