Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16. Day 289. Dancing in the streets

Recently released footage shows feotuses in the womb responding to music in ways that look for all the world like dancing. Apparently we are genetically hard wired to dance which explains why dance is a "thing" in pretty much every culture. (It does not explain, however, why that hard wiring does not translate to ability merely appreciation, at least in my case. Insert sad face emoji). Where there is a celebration you can pretty much guarantee there will be music and dance. So it was in King George Square tonight where the Indian community had gathered for the Diwali or Festival of Lights celebration. Foolishly and very narrow-minded of me I rather assumed that Indian dance equaled Bollywood dance but even in the short time I was in the square I saw a wide array of dance styles all with one common theme - pride in nation (both of them) and a love of dance.  Both are kind of in our DNA. I like that. I just wish I was better at one of them.

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