Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25. Day 298. Derby day

People riding down the street in a bath tub. A roller blader in a superhero outfir with fishnets. A bloke with a turban made of bubble wrap. Someone ski-ing down the bitumen. The truth is on just about any day in West End these things wouldn't seem out of place. But even for West End all of them at once is a little out of the ordinary. It must be Derby Day. Once a year Boundary Street is closed off and anyone on wheels or on foot is invited to ride down the road. Costumes are highly encouraged. The Kurilpa Derby kicks off the annual West End Festival and it's a parade of colourful insanity.  With so much on show - literally - it would be wrong not to take a look so Drama Teen and I joined the crowds lining the street to cheer on the parade. If I happen to find a bathtub on wheels some time between now and next year I might take part.

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  1. It looks like great fun, a pity we don't live in town!