Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15. Day 288. Dog day afternoon

Sometimes when things fall apart they may be actually be falling into place. 

This piece of wisdom was written on the back on the toilet door at the cafe where I had lunch today. Well isn't that almost enough to make you lose a perfectly delightful midday meal?  I'm pretty sure the plan is to inspire and not to act as an emetic. Seriously if they want you to order dessert, a little less sickly sweet sentiment on the loo walls might be appropriate. Anyway, while I am quick to criticise, those very words sort of came true later in the day. My plan for the afternoon involved taking the dogs for a walk after dropping Drama Teen at his after school commitments and before returning The Fed to his family. Taking the dogs for a walk really involves only two things - dogs and their leads. But I arrived at my mum's ready to walk with the fur friends but no leads. Poo, bum, wee. So with my tail between my legs I safely returned Fed and headed home with Rumple. But then it hit me, the off leash area along Kedron Brook. No lead. No problem. We'd never been there before and here was the perfect excuse. A first Rumple seemed confused. Sure he was used to no lead on the beach or in the dog park but not on a regular walk. But then it clicked and he was off. You don't need to be Doctor Doolittle to be able to work out what these photos are saying. The pieces were indeed in place and it's a place we intend to return to often.

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