Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30. Day 334. Thirteeen, lucky for some

Cleo and her cousin Mikaela celebrating in style
Thirteen, according to the bingo caller, is unlucky for some. Clearly, therefore, it is lucky for others. Today my delightful niece Cleo celebrated the start of the teen years (officially her birthday was on Tuesday but as "luck" would have it that was a school day). In any event, Miss Cleo has managed to create a birthday festival extending the celebrations well beyond one day. Today the family gathered for their contribution - a rather excellent lunch followed by a huge ice cream cake. It was a feast fit for a teen queen. Because the past fortnight has been "interesting" (where interesting means woeful) I failed to deliver a present appropriate or otherwise and refused to sink to providing $$$. Instead we decided to extend the birthday festival further and in the near future we will share a birthday adventure - abseiling or climbing the Story Bridge or riding horses on the beach. Why should teenagers have all the "luck"?

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