Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27. Day 331. Hailing

Bohemian Rhapsody had that line about "thunderbolts and lightning very, very frightening indeed".
This is true. But my experience today tells me howling winds, driving rain and giant hail stones peppering your car are bloody terrifying.
I had the bad fortune being out in it, almost home when the storm struck. Fortunately I was outside the Convention Centre and was able to escape into the underground car park and wait it out. When it blew over I found it impossible to drive the short distance home because of power lines down and roads closed so I walked and got to see the destruction up close and personal.
I arrived home to find out house pretty much untouched but neighbours with scores of broken windows between them,
But the silver lining in this storm cloud? The community spirit. Ignoring their own damage, the neighbours converged on the house of 87-year-old Margaret to help her clean up glass, find torches and get settled. That's what neighbours do come rain, hail or shine.

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