Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3. Day 307. Spinning a yarn

 It really feels anything but right now but apparently the local dinosaurs are preparing for the next ice age. And here I was thinking Global Warming was the climate challenge for this millennium. Nope, it's dress your dinosaur in a granny rug day, or so it would appear from what I saw in Queen's Park today. There is doubtless some hidden meaning to all of this - and I could spin a yarn and make it up - but frankly if there is a story it's not immediately obvious to me. And do you know what? I couldn't care. If you want to get people all over Queensland to crocheting little squares to form the skin of a giant dinosaur frame well why the hell not? Officially he/she is called Knot-o-Saurus and he's been devised by Juggernaut Inc as part of the G20. In Queen's Park today one of the lead artists Soraya del Castillo was busily dressing her very big baby and it looked awesome. I still have no idea how crocheted dinosaurs relate to a meeting of world leaders (too many possibilities there) but it is an awesome sight just the same.

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