Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9. Day 313. Cooling off period

 Even if the thermometer wasn't in the summer zone, with less than three weeks to go until the end of Year 11, things around here are decidedly steamy and it's not just the student in the house who is hot under the collar. This type of stress and the resulting tendency to bite the heads off of your nearest and dearest for crimes such as being alive tends to be a wee bit infectious. As a result, late this afternoon I called time out and ordered everyone in the pool. Best. Move. Ever. Sunlight, fresh air and a cool dip does wonders for everyone's mood so much so that Drama Teen and I went back in for a short dip after dinner. Of course it's easy to think that when the pressure's on there's no time for a paddle. In actual fact, this is the best time. I'm not talking about lazing about all day but just taking short purposeful cooling off periods does everyone the world of good.

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  1. I know that exam tension well, such a good idea to call some time off and let off steam. Fun photos and how perfect to have your own pool for times like this. Our pool is the river which is way more chilly! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids