Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1. Day 305. The many faces of Brisbane

It's been said that with all the fancy pants lighting of buildings going on, Brisbane looks like a toddler who just got into mum's make up bag. A more perfect description would be hard to imagine.
Well now the toddler city (and by world standards we are a very young city) has just raided the both mum's wardrobe AND the fancy dress box.
As the G20 road train gets ever closer to rumbling into town, the activities are ramping up and the decorations around the place are starting to rival Christmas.
I have to admit, I don't quite understand. The G20 long weekend of leadership is two weeks away.
Isn't it somewhat rude to kick off the party and have most of the fun long before the guests of honour arrive?
In any event, today was parade day. Ethnic groups, community groups, sports teams, service clubs and seniors' teams have been undergoing costume workshops to get ready to join cheerleaders and performers and Brisbane residents young and old came out to both parade and cheer the participants on.
And given just how hot it would have been in those costumes, the South Bank Beach hosted a beach party after the parade.
Perhaps the idea is that we will all be so tired by the time G20 arrives we won't notice the disruption.


  1. Lovely photos! Love the colors of those costumes =) #countrykids

  2. Oh what fun and a beach party to cool off. I want to be there right now! thanks for sharing with me on Country Kids