Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23. Day 327. Who me?

OK, I confess I have been known to watch Super Nanny. This I can assure you has nothing to do with getting parenting tips and everything to do with reassuring me that I am not the worst parent on earth. Nothing like Super Nanny, Wife Swap or Dance Mums to give you every confidence that no matter how many parenting mistakes you may make, there are others out there who are far worse. Anyway, while parenting pointers may not be the goal of Super Nanny viewing, I have picked up some pearls of parenting wisdom along the way (and not just the naughty corner and how not to pronounce "acceptable").  Such as, some times a child will behave in a very, very naughty fashion because it is the only way to gain attention. When little Johnny or Jimmy feels he's been overlooked he's learned there's no surer way to get back into the spotlight than to act up. I'm wondering if Little Rumple has also learned this. Let's be clear, this pampered pooch has never and will never be neglected. He's pretty much the centre of attention of everyone in the house and we are all quite happy with that arrangement. But with the deluge of assessment related stress flooding the place on occasions he may be left to fend for himself. So he's been getting up to no good and I'm pretty sure he knows it. While he does have the run of the house there are rules and not climbing on the table and sitting on the weekend newspapers is one of them. I know, how mean? But really he knows he can get away with it if he really wants to. Just give me those big sad puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven.

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