Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14. Day 318. Focus

 It's a pretty big irony that while the rest of the world focuses on Brisbane for the G20, the people of Brisbane have decided to turn their sights on anywhere but. The streets were a bit like an empty sound stage waiting for the characters to arrive for much of the day while massive traffic jams turned the roads escaping the city into long snaking carparks. For once my lack of vision paid off. I did think about going away for the bonus long weekend but couldn't get my sh*t together so my family was the last in the room left to turn out the lights. It turned out to be a stroke of genius. I enjoyed a delightfully quiet stroll around South Bank and discovered a new calling - the person who can give directions and take photographs with all the group members. The dog gave me away as a local so I was called on quite a bit to lend a hand. Probably the most popular shot was the one with the Brisbane sign erected just for the G20. At first I thought it was about as sensible as the baby clothes with Baby on the front, just in case your sleep deprived mind makes you think it's for the cat. I have now decided it's a stroke of genius. I mean who hasn't looked back on photo albums and wondered "now what city was that?" We've just decided to be helpful especially since there are no locals about to set the record straight should any of our visitors get a little confused.

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