Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2. Day 306. Oh what a feeling!

I was such a goody two shoes girlie swot it never occurred to me to think that our senior school assessment was anything other than just that - a means of assessing performance. That it could be engaging, or interesting, relevant or fun never actually occurred to me. Now I look at the things Drama Teen is set with a great deal of envy. They get to do really interesting "stuff". Funnily enough he doesn't see it that way or would never admit to it. Anyway today's little project involved taking photos for an ad for legal studies. It's all about contract law and a dodgy car salesman manipulating a vulnerable teen in the used car market. Drama Teen as director and creative genius roped his cousin Scarlett in to play the vulnerable teen and his dad to play car salesman and off we all trooped to the car yard for a photo shoot. As I see it putting his creative talents into a legal assignment makes absolute sense and after all what are the courts if not theatre in action? Hopefully the end product will reflect that. I wait with interest.

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