Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5. Day 309. A small cog

 Do you ever think the job ahead of you is insurmountable? That you just finish one thing and a much, much larger and more intimidating project looms ahead of you? The final weeks of this semester are unfolding like that. The final weeks of Year 11 are not going down so well in our place. We negotiate out way over one hurdle just to run smack bang into another bigger one. And of course in our house the calendar of chaos that Drama Teen operates under almost exactly mirrors my own. It's not pretty - but I am getting somewhat more experienced in this and I am learning support is there. There are emotional harnesses you can fall back on, you just need to know where to find them, be prepared to ask for them and in many cases have the means to pay for them. And you should
1) Never look down
2) Never look back and
3) Try to keep it in perspective by looking only at the bit you are faced with now and not the whole kit and caboodle. If I was this bloke cleaning the wheel of Brisbane this morning looking at the whole thing would be totally overwhelming. Concentrating on the bit in front of you makes it far more achievable.
But you know what? The real story of coping is here in this image, you just can't see it. Behind the giant 7 is another bloke. He's constantly checking in on the welfare of out harnessed hero. He's stopping ropes from tangling and ensuring he stays safe. Everyone needs a friend like that.

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